To register for the clinic go to





New Umpires


(do not have OBA Umpire Card #)


Existing Umpires


(Already have OBA Umpire Card #)


Step 1:

Click on "Online Forms" and Click "Umpire Registration", on the upcoming page click on "New Umpire Registration"


Select Existing Umpire Registration


Enter your Umpire Card # & Submit


Enter your personal information to validate that you are the  Umpire on file, if you do not match you must contact OBA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Step 2:

Create your Umpire Profile & Password by entering you personal   information in the online form & submit (Your email address will become   your login ID)


OBA Umpire Card # will be assigned to your profile.


Update your Umpire Profile & Password and submit.  (Your email address will become your login   ID)


Step 3:

Choose the Umpire clinic you wish to enroll in and submit, you   will now be on the pending list for this clinic.


Step 4:

Wait to be accepted into the clinic (by local Hosting club), When   you are accepted, you will be contacted by email notification with further   instructions on location and payment.


Step 5:

Umpire must attend and pass the clinic


Step 6:

Umpire Clinician/ Instructor will report attendance and/ or test   results to OBA.  Umpires passing their respective umpire clinic will be emailed their 201X umpire card with certification level



When filling out forms and application,


Affiliate is "Central Ontario Baseball Association"


Club name is "Mississauga North Baseball Association"


Please make sure you have signed up for the correct clinic.