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Why Umpire?

Umpiring is a challenging and rewarding job. It requires confidence, the ability to make good judgments and a good knowledge of the rules. To be a good umpire, you must learn to be authoritative, yet always remain calm. The best umpires are those who love and respect the game and enjoy being part of every game they work. The money they earn is only an additional benefit. As an umpire you will gain invaluable leadership experience that will help you all throughout your life.

Umpiring is not a job suited for everyone, since decisions are made every single pitch and every single play. A good umpire must concentrate fully on the game, anticipating the next move. They must also realize that mistakes are part of the job, acknowledging them and learning from them, without losing confidence, is most important. You must always remember that you are there for the players, who depend on you for the fairness of the game.

Umpire Responsibilities

For many individuals, umpiring in the MNBA will be their first real job. Umpires can expect to undertake
the following responsibilities:

  • Showing up on time, taking charge of a game and creating an environment for youths to have fun playing baseball
  • Learning, interpreting and enforcing rules of the game - https://www.playoba.ca/rules-of-baseball
  • Making quick and accurate decisions ensuring the right call is made.
  • Balance umpire commitments with school, playing baseball, softball and/or other activities.
  • Keeping a schedule and record of games umpired.
  • Communicating their concerns, questions and problems to the Manager of Umpires in a timely manner

Mentorship Program

As a junior umpire in the MNBA we are committed to working with you all season long to make sure you feel comfortable with every aspect of umpiring a baseball game. This includes your on-field umpiring skills and knowledge of the rules. You will have the chance to work with more senior umpires who will offer you constructive feedback so as to learn and improve your own skills.

Nikki Ross Memorial Umpire School

Umpires Wanted!!!!!

Are you?
  • 11 years old or older (adults welcome!),
  • Playing baseball, a parent or a fan,
  • Baseball coach or trainer,
  • Want a job with plenty of fresh air,
  • Interested in a new hobby or earning some cash this summer to help pay for college/university or travel,
  • Looking for volunteer hours for high school,
  • CONSIDER being a Baseball or Softball Umpire!!!
  • Multiple training opportunities from January to March! (reply by Jan 1)
Email Adam Bakos, Director of Umpires at uic@mnbatigers.ca as soon as possible! 


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