Mississauga North Baseball Association
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Mississauga North House League Baseball

Our house league program is focused on Fitness, Fun, Friendship and Skills Development. We can accommodate returning experienced players and players brand new to baseball. Our program runs from mid-May through playoffs in August and includes two weekly night games and one weekend practice organized by your team's coach.

To Register, click on the "Registration" link above and select the appropriate baseball age category. Note that we are on a new system this year and you will need to set up an account prior to registering!



Birth Year

Two Games
every week

2024 Fees


Mar 15


5U Non-Competitive T-Ball

3 - 5

2019 - 2021

Tu /Th



6U Junior T-Ball






7U Senior T-Ball



Tu /Th



9U (Pitching Machine)

8 - 9


Mo/We or Tu/Th




10 - 11


Tu /Th




12 - 13

2011 - 2012

Mo /We




14 - 15

2009 - 2010





16 - 18

2006 - 2008




Registration Fees Include:

  • Team Uniform (pants, shirt, cap)
  • Use of supplied team equipment, bats, catchers equipment, bases, baseballs
  • Park and umpire fees
  • Player insurance (Underwritten by the Ontario Baseball Association insurer)
  • Team and individual player photo
  • Participation awards and trophies

What you need to purchase:

  • Batting Helmet
  • Baseball Glove 
  • Batting Gloves (optional)
  • Cleats (preferably but not mandatory, running shoes will be accepted).


Players residing outside of the Mississauga city limits will be subject to a city mandated non-residents user fee of $20.


A $25 processing fee will apply. No cancellations, no refunds, after March 31st. We order uniforms and equipment, book diamonds and umpires and a refund is no longer possible after March 31st.


What are player evaluations?

MNBA promotes fair and competitive play, and we attempt to create all House League teams with an even balance of talent. To do this, we evaluate all players over 9 yrs old (conditions permitting), players under 9 yrs old will not be evaluated. For most players who played in previous season, we may have an evaluation from your coach already. For all new players, and for returning players that we don’t have an evaluation for, you’ll be invited to an evaluation camp, that takes place in late April to early May.  You’ll receive an email in early April with the available date and times. When you get to the evaluation, your son/daughter will be observed performing some common baseball drills, by coaches and will likely be involved in playing a fun game with other kids in the same division that are also being evaluated.

How many times per week are games and practices scheduled?

For all divisions you should plan on 2 games each week, and a practice on the weekend, which means 3 times per week through the season. Please review the table above to see the days when games will be played. Each team is able to pick a 2 hour practice slot at a league diamond on Friday Evenings, Saturday or Sundays.  Your coach will do this for you, and that selected time will become your weekly practice time through the season.

What parks will our games be scheduled at?

The quick answer is “we don’t know yet!’   As a sports affiliate of the city, MNBA requests park times and the city doesn’t confirm this back to our association until early April.  It’s not until that point that we can confirm what parks will be scheduled for each division.  In general, we use 3-5 parks for each division and they are located across northwest Mississauga.

When does the season start/end for House League Baseball?

Regular season games typically start on the Tuesday after the May long weekend (Victoria Day) and end mid-July. The next couple of weeks are used for rainout makeup games. Playoffs start in late July, or the first week of August, with the finals scheduled on the Day of Champions in mid-August. There are no games on the Civic Holiday weekend.

What time do the games start for House League Baseball?

Regular season games start at 6:15 PM  Note: 11U and older divisions may have some of their games start at 8:30 PM. Make up game start times are assigned based on park availability.

Are there games scheduled on summer holidays and weekends?

During the regular season, the league does NOT schedule any games on Victoria Day Monday, Canada Day Monday or on the August long weekend. The league generally doesn’t schedule games on weekends unless we have rain outs or other needs to re-schedule a game. We usually keep an open week at the end of the regular season schedule so that we can re-schedule rained out games on your normal night at the end of the season, however each year there usually arises the need to schedule the occasional game during one of your practice slots on the weekend. Our membership has grown quite a bit over the last few years and registration is up again for upcoming season. Based on this, we are looking at scheduling an occasional game on a Friday evening or Saturday morning to accommodate all the teams.

What equipment do I need to get for my child?  What does the association supply?

At your first practice, your coach will supply a full uniform for your child which includes team jersey, baseball pants, belt and hat. T-Ball players (5U, 6U, 7U) do not receive belt as their pants are different, being a small size. Also, the team is supplied with practice balls, bats and catcher’s equipment and a first aid kit. You need to ensure your child has a baseball glove, jock or jill, CSA approved batting helmet and running shoes or baseball cleats.  It’s not required, but some parents also buy their kids batting gloves.

Should I get my child their own baseball bat?

First, you should know two rules of our league.  First rule is, the league supplies all teams with at least two bats, and in general, they are ‘good’ bats.  We do spend money each year to replace bats that are worn or aged, and we buy bats that are the right size and quality for your league and age group. Second, it is a league rule that if you bring your own bat to a game or practice, your bat becomes a ‘team’ shared bat while you’re there.  It means anyone on the team is allowed to use it while at that game or practice.  Saying all this, many parents still want to get their child their own bat.  Our recommendations for you if you are going to buy your own bat are the following:  Find a bat that is comfortable for your child.  It shouldn’t be too long or short, shouldn’t be too heavy for them or even too light.  Many kids will swing a light bat and feel good about how fast they can swing it.  You should encourage your kids to go 1-2 oz heavier than what they like…. a heavier bat that they can still swing fast will always hit a ball farther than a lighter bat! Don’t spend too much on a bat.  Some bats are priced at $400 or more!!!   Make sure to get aluminum and not wood, and most bats in the $50-$100 price range are perfectly fine for your child.

Other Important Notes – We Need Parent Volunteers to Help Coach

Our House League is a big organization, and we need about 150 Volunteer parents to help coach and assist with their kids teams….we can’t run the league without you!  We provide training and support, and coaching your kids ball team is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as a parent. Previous baseball or softball experience is great, but not required.  If you can help lead, organize, and coordinate then you’ve got what we need.  Every team needs at least 2 coaches, so there’s always someone to work with.  If you’re able to get involved and help out, please email development@mnbatigers.ca and the Director can answer any questions you might have.

In the past, we had to approach some teams in our league and let them know we didn’t have a coach for their team to start the season.  The parent groups for each of those teams stepped up, and one of those teams went on to win the championship of their division…it was a fantastic story and made for great memories!