Mississauga North Baseball Association

providing youth sport opportunities to girls and boys from ages 4 to 21


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We are the largest Baseball and Softball

Association in Mississauga, for over 55 years

Source of Major League Players

MLB drafted that played with Tigers:

Shawn Hill, Chris Leroux,

AJ Wideman, Jordan Wideman,

Dalton Pompey, Josh Naylor,

Cooper Davis, Kyle Thomas


'03 Bantam Softball team at


Proud to be a Tiger!

2014, 2015, 2016
National Champions

National Champions for three years in a row, a record for Canada


Top Softball teams in Ontario and Canada


Objectives of Mississauga North

Baseball Association

Mississauga North Baseball Association has contributed over  45 years of service to the Mississauga area. Over the years, our name has changed, but our objectives never have. Our mandate is to foster, promote and teach amateur baseball/softball to all eligible individuals without regard to race, creed, colour, sex, religion or national origin. To develop community spirit and encourage sportsmanship and good fellowship among all eligible individuals and participate to the betterment of their physical, mental and social well being. To accomplish this, the league shall endeavour to provide coaching, equipment, skill evaluation and development, and other necessary resources to enable each child to have the opportunity to play to the highest level of their ability.

We are a part of Ontario's premier baseball association!

Help your child to stay active

Too many kids today are spending an incredible amount of time in front of the computer or watching TV.

Playing baseball or softball will help your child getting used with an active lifestyle that will last for life, while having a great time.

Make friends for life,
make memories for life

Your child will make friends and they will remember when they played together on the same team, all their life.

Develop social skills

Players will socialize with other children their age, will learn leadership skills, team-building skills and communication skills that will help them in school, their future career and personal relationships.


Skills your child
will learn
playing with Tigers








Goal Setting

How to Socialize

Communication Skills

Work Towards Improvement

Encourage Others

Time Management