All health & safety guidelines and protocols outlined by Baseball Ontario and Peel Public Health will be strictly followed.
8U Minor Rookie (2013)Looking for Head Coach for team
Contact repbaseball@mnbatigers.ca if interested
9U Major Rookie (2012)
Manager: Nathan Parkhouse
416-838-3617 - nathan@parkhousefinancial.ca
Saturday, Sep 26th - 10:00AMSyntex
10U Minor Mosquito (2011)
Manager: Ashley Thomson
647-405-4512 - ashley.thomson@hotmail.com
Saturday, Sep 26th - 10:00AM
Sunday, Sep 27th - 10:00AM
Meadowvale North 2
11U Major Mosquito (2010)
Manager: Jason Marshall
647-261-7206 - jasonmarshall747@gmail.com
Tier 1 - Contact manager directly for Tryout Info
11U Major Mosquito (2010)
Manager: Chris Medina
416-994-2957 - c_medina@rogers.com
Tier 2 - Saturday, Sep 26th - 1:00PMMeadowvale North 2
12U Minor Peewee (2009)
Manager: Will Loseto
416-452-4964 - wloseto@rogers.com
Contact manager directly for Tryout Info
13U Major Peewee (2008)
Manager: Terry Graham
416-268-6608 - terry@httpwww.ca
Saturday, Sep 26th - 1:00PM
Sunday, Sep 27th - 1:00PM
Meadowvale North 3
14U Minor Bantam (2007)
Manager: AJ Suri
647-295-2685 - anujajsuri@gmail.com
Tuesday Sep 22nd - 7:00PM
Thursday Sep 24th - 7:00PM
Rivergrove 1
15U Major Bantam (2006)
Manager: Aftab Rohillah
647-505-5872 - arohillah@gmail.com
Saturday, Sep 26th - 1:00PMFallingbrook
16U Minor Midget (2005)
Manager: Tom Lough
647-457-1338 - pest99969@yahoo.ca
Saturday, Sep 26th - 10:00AMRivergrove 1
18U Major Midget (2003-2004)
Manager: Brian Giles
905-965-5903 - mtigers18u@gmail.com
Contact manager directly for Tryout Info
22U Junior (1999-2002)
Manager: Paulo Gomes
647-207-7842 - tigers2000@rogers.com
Contact manager directly for Tryout Info

** All Players should attend at least one of the 1st weekend open tryouts posted above if interested in a COBA Tier 1, COBA Tier 2 or a COBA Select team**

Manager contact info will be updated prior to 1st tryout date
Players must bring their own baseball equipment (helmet, glove, bat, baseball shoes)
Please wear your 2019/2020 team uniform, if possible.

Click on the park name for the map and address